Coffee Making Process

Making great coffee consistently is one of the biggest challenges faced by cafes. Our training process aims to fix this by making it a step-by-step process to give you the best taste and streamline your coffee making. Here’s our steps for a manual grinder, auto grinders are a bit different.

  • Prepare your milk jug first with the milk needed for the coffee you’re making, leave it next to your coffee machine
  • As you remove the filter handle, press the single ristretto button to flush the group
  • Knock out any used coffee and wipe the inside of your filter basket
  • Run your grinder to grind just enough coffee for this cup
  • Dose your coffee into the filter basket, moving the handle to spread it evenly
  • Tap the handle once on the bench, then scrape it level with the back of a knife, top up if needed from the doser
  • Tamp firmly, ensuring that the coffee is level
  • Insert the handle, press the button and place your cups
  • Purge your steam wand, then froth your milk
  • Once your milk is the required temperature, remove the jug and wipe the steam handle clean
  • Pour your coffees and serve

If you need to know more, you can call us to ask any questions on 1300 795 282

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