Milk Methods Demystified Pt. 2

Welcome back to our handy hints and tips, following on from last week we will be talking more about ways to improve your milk methods. In this post we will cover the importance of juggling (and what that means) and a few quick tricks for pouring.

Milk Juggling

Simply put milk juggling just means keeping your milk moving. Once milk has been steamed the foam and the milk will try to split a lot like oil and water. To make pouring easier and to get a better result it’s a good idea to try and keep the foam and milk combined.

You do this by trying to make the milk fold over itself by sharply shaking the jug left to right. When done correctly this will leave you with silky smooth milk that looks a lot like wet paint.

Making sure your milk is combined and ready to go is a really important step if you want to pour patterns


Here’s a few handy hints that might help get those patterns coming out


– Tilt your cup or glass before pouring into it –

 – Pour in a slow steady stream, the slower the better –

– Swirl the shot before you pour –

– Practise, practise and practise some more –

Here’s a short clip for some inspiration

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