Milk Methods Demystified Pt. 1

Hi everyone and welcome back to A new series in our hints and tips segment. This post we will be going over how you can improve on your milk steaming methods to become more consistent from coffee to coffee and work up towards pouring patterns.

Jug Position

One of the best things about a good milk steaming technique is how little work you have to do!

When setting your milk jug up make sure that the tip of the steam wand is only just in the milk, if it’s too far in you’ll get that jet plane sound because there’s no air in your milk and if it’s not in quite far enough it’s going to get very bubbly.

The other thing to look out for is where your steam is pointing. What you want to be doing is making a whirlpool effect with the milk. The steam comes directly out so make sure that the wand is pointing in a way that’s going to help push the milk around rather than just push straight down

Adding Foam

With foam the best trick that we’ve come across is making sure that you add your foam nice and early. What we mean by adding foam is that little Noise you get as you add air to your milk. When your milk is cold there’s plenty of time to make the foam nice and silky as you spin the milk around but if you try and add it too late it won’t have enough time and you’ll end up with big bubbles

A good rule of thumb is once the milk is skin temperature try not to add any more air after that.

You control how much foam is added by moving your milk jug up or down

Milk Jug Down – More Foam

Milk Jug Up – Less Foam

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